You are Enough


You are not created to be perfection but to be a reflection of Him. 

 People are opinionated creatures. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes they don’t always agree with the opinions of others. Go figure.

I used to get very offended whenever someone would criticize me. The Lord has really forced me to grow up over the years. I used to be so sensitive and touchy about certain things to the point where it would really affect my emotional state. I would dwell on a comment and replay something in my mind over and over of where I could have done better. That is… better in another person’s eyes atleast.

But what about God’s eyes? He sees you as valued, worthy, enough, and so much more.

Some people might think blondes are prettier. Some people might think brunettes are. You might have the whitest smile, but maybe someone points out how your teeth aren’t straight enough. Maybe you have worked so hard on a paper. You think it’s some of your best work and all of your family thinks so, too. When your best friend reads it, she has nothing good to say about it. These are just made up scenarios of how people can be critical. We have all probably experienced some form or fashion in our lifetime.

 I have thankfully gotten to a point in my life where I’m like, “So and so doesn’t like me? Eh, oh well.” I am confident in my “peachiness” so to speak. So when someone doesn’t like peaches it’s their loss! Be confident in who you are. Embrace your peachiness.

The good news is that we are enough in God’s eyes and there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1)

Stop being so hard on yourself. I am preaching to myself, too. No ones opinion should have such a devastating effect on you. It is benficial to take constructive criticism in the right way, but it is also important to discern the difference of criticism to help you and criticism to hurt you. Take it, learn from it, grow, and move on.

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