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Well we have made it a little over a month for 2016! How have you done with your resolutions? Have no fear, it is never too late to begin again as the lovely Joyce Meyer will tell you. But here are some things we can strive to do to be a better “us” this year as well as many years to come!

  1. Stop comparing. – wow this is a big one isn’t it? We have always heard that comparison is the thief of joy. Then why do we continue to do it? Well, I think we live in a world that likes to complain and get upset over things. We tend to get offended very easily, like we are entitled or something. There is always going to be someone who is “prettier” or “smarter” or whatever you can think of based on the worldly scale of acceptance. But no one is you and that is your power. 
  2. Celebrate others. – Sometimes this can be hard because we are back at #1 which is comparison. It can be hard to celebrate and honor others when you are eat up with jealously and envy. You ultimately compare yourself and get in this state of mind to where it is basically impossible to celebrate someone. I mean I have been there, too. But it is so important to know where your worth lies and who God says that you are. I believe once you know where your skills and talents lie, once you can celebrate who you are, it’s easier to celebrate others for who they are.
  3. Be grateful for who I am. – Basically covered this one in #2 but yes; it can not be stressed enough! You would not even exist if you had no purpose or place in this world or in other people’s lives.
  4. Trust God always (not just sometimes) -Absolutely! It is hard to do so when you feel like you are trapped in this labyrinth that you cannot get out of… I know. But that is the whole point of faith! I see super intelligent people who struggle to grasp the concept of trusting in a greater being. But maybe that is the point… We are never really supposed to get caught up with the ways of God and how he works all the time and trying to figure him out. We are his children who are supposed to have the simple child-like faith to just… trust.
  5. Having more does not equal happiness. – Don’t get caught up with the materialistic things. We are so much more than the newest and brightest thing. I have seen people who supposedly “have it all” and are still not happy. Why? Because we are created for more. Not more things, but the more of God. Only he can fill that God-shaped void within each of us.
  6. “Happiness” is a choice. -Each day we must wake up and decide who we want to be. Do we want to be Pessimistic Polly or Optimistic Opera. (lol Opera was not what I was going for but hey I mean it works and was the first ‘O’ name that popped up…) anyway. But yeah! Sometimes we have to be responsible for our happiness. Do not let other people and their negativity and depressing vibes bring you down. Stand firm in the overflowing joy of the Lord.
  7. You are one of a kind. -I love that “I’m the Man” song that says, “God made my mold different from the rest, then he broke that mold so I know I’m blessed.”  Embrace your mold. As my Papacharlie says, “God don’t make junk.”
  8. Envy. – don’t let this stop you from being the person God meant for you to be. Envy kills. Learn to love you!
  9. We all have a choice. -God has given us free will. We make our own decisions and choices. But remember, it is our choices that define us- they make us who we are whether that be the music we listen to, the people we hang out with, the stuff we watch, anything.
  10. God first, the rest will follow. -If you will always put him first and believe that your path is directed and guided by a good Father, you cannot fail. You will not lose because we have a Savior who has never lost a battle. If that battle you’re facing is depression, anxiety, worry, fear, comparison, envy, or whatever it may be, just trust in HIM. Put him first and allow him to send you peace and heal you from these things. He wants to if you will surrender yourself to his authority in your life. The rest will follow. 


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