Waiting for Someday

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I have a terrible habit. I have a tendency to wait until I’m _____ in order for me to feel _____. Like an example would be right before school got out. My thoughts were that I would finally be stress free and relaxed once summer was here. Now that summer is here I feel as busy as ever! I am constantly doing something from babysitting, to taking college classes, playing softball, trying to keep up with my shirts, hanging out with friends, etc. I have these false expectations that once I’m “stress free” I will achieve true happiness and contentment.

The goal I’m learning, slowly but surely, is how to be happy and content no matter what my circumstances are.

Sure being busy can contribute to stress in your life but learn to make the most of it and keep a positive attitude no matter what! (Easier said than done sometimes, I know.) Don’t wait for someday. Learn to love every moment of your life. Even the mundane ones.

“Someday, when I’m skinner, I will be happy and have better control over my life.”

“Someday, when I get in a relationship with someone, then I can be really happy and feel good about myself.”

There are an endless list of “somedays” if you allow that to be your excuse. Instead, learn how to be happy and content in the now. Learn to love your life! Do things you’ve never done. Step out of your comfort zone. Make your someday not seem so far away by making little steps of progress each day.

“Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life.” // 


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