It’s a Great Day for a Great Day

I woke up this morning to a text that said my class was cancelled for the day. This news immediately put me in an awesome mood. Upon hearing this, I happily drifted back to sleep with no cares in the world. At least for today. 

Usually I babysit a 10 year old just about everyday. Today, however, I did not have to watch Maggie. So my day has been free to do just about whatever I want. Don’t you love those days? Honestly, I would probably be a tad bored if I had these days often. But since I don’t, I was pretty happy about it. I woke up this morning thinking of that quote, the title of this blog, “It’s a great day for a great day.”

My encouragement to you is this, avoid waking up with the “busy” mindset. Try to just take you day one breath at a time. I woke up thinking about everything I had going on today. Once my day became a freebie to do what I wanted, I started to realize that you can be optimistic even about your busy days. You won’t dread your day as much if you just take the day as it comes. Don’t overthink it. Wake up, drink your tea or coffee, get a shower, read your bible, exercise, watch tv, whatever your morning schedule is, do it and just be in the moment with those things. You’ll find yourself enjoying your day more if you learn to be present in the moment that you are given.


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