The Future of Captivated


Well it’s about 1 AM. I am currently up because I have been toying with my website. I am not tech savvy so I was struggling to say the least. Today was a busy day for me. I babysat, as usual, and managed to stay at the warehouse all day in an attempt to get some Captivated Tees under way. I am super excited! There will be 6 new designs. I’m hoping to get them all in a few weeks. I am also planning on getting some postcards printed to send out to businesses to expand my own business. Right now is a an exciting but stressful time. Juggling summer classes, babysitting, my shirts, and even some travel ball, I am super busy. Also, my family is possibly moving so I’m hoping we get settled before I get too involved with Senior year festivities.

Things are looking up for Captivated. I’m hoping to create better time to set aside for my business in an attempt to avoid stress and headaches. I’m getting better at balancing and prioritizing my schedule of involvement.

// To see some older designs you can go to \\

Well since I have class tomorrow I should probably get some sleep… Lol goodnight lovelies.


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