Late Night Thoughts

It is another late night and I am consumed with thoughts. I have really been working on my Captivated IG account by trying to reach out to new followers by telling a little bit about myself. I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback I received. I’ve had people reply pictures of their beautiful creations, learned where some of these amazing people are from, and just talked with them about Captivated. I was so grateful for the kindness and sincerity from these strangers who were interested in me and my work! It truly blessed me. And I’m writing this now because, as I laid in bed, my mind was just racing from it all. This outlet has really given me an opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. I had one of the nicest people from Costa Rica message me and even showed me some of her art work! It was really awesome. It gave me a larger appreciation for what I am doing. So many people out there need encouragement. When these people would message me, encouraging my work, my heart would swell. It gives strength. It has inspired me to be better. Not just with what I feel I’m called to do in this season but to just be a better person- to encourage, inspire, love, appreciate, believe, etc.

maybe that’s what it’s all about…

Good night, lovelies.


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